Bad weather and cancelled XC

Tuesday’s Tip!

Bad weather and cancelled XC

Lots of eventing competitions have been cancelled due to the terrible weather we have been having. I know it can be frustrating to not be able to go out and practice your xc so a few thoughts on how to practice xc in an arena instead!

Practice tricky combination lines. Set up some dog legs to work on control and lines. Set up a few fences randomly around the arena and turn them into related fences, swing round and over, dog leg, curve, do whatever you need to do to get over them in the order you have chosen without crossing your tracks or messing up your canter!

Practice skinnies. Set up short fences, using small poles, blocks next to each other, barrels etc. Then add some together so you have a double, triple, or connected distance.

Do some offset lines where you related fences aren’t perfectly lined up. Work out a good line to get over both fences whilst keeping a good canter. Practice cantering around in your light seat and only sit on your approach to each fence.

My last tip is to stick blocks and spare wings around the arena to simulate trees and bushes that you will have to work around in order to get to your fences.

Have fun! And I hope the weather improves – our first 2 day event of the driving outdoor eventing season was also cancelled so we are a little put out too.

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