Bounce Grid

Tuesday’s Tip

Bounce Grid.

This is a jumping exercise from a recent clinic I ran. Single wing bounce grid. Set of single wing bounces laid out with poles at the side with a “normal” skinny bounce at the end as a “gate” to go through (pole to the side). Put up the bounce just in front of the “gate” and then add in each new single wing bounce until you have a full grid. Once your horse is working over them well (once or twice down the full row) put the “normal” bounce up at the end (now a bigger skinny bounce jump rather than a “gate”). Run through this once or twice then end the exercise. Good for horses that get flat when jumping more than one fence or related fences, have long flat canters or just need to pick up and engage their back end more!

Don’t over do it as bounces are hard work. The single wing encourages riders to be aware of straightness as horses may slide out of the grid.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments – have you jumped something like this before?

Bounce grid front view Bounce grid side view

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