Getting Your Horse Moving Correctly on the Flat or over Jumps

Tuesday’s Tip!

Working from behind. When working on the flat or over jumps, it is very important that your horse engages his back end. This will push him forward and make him use himself correctly. This allows you to play with the paces, collecting, extending, and maintaining a good rhythm. It helps you control him when jumping, going round turns, and asking for school movements.

To get your horse working from behind, you need to do lots of transitions. Lots and lots of them! Halt to walk, walk to trot, trot to walk, trot to halt, halt to trot, introduce canter. Circles also help as do trot poles. You can use the poles to extend over, or to just introduce a little elevation and self carriage. Raised poles – cavaletti – are great for hind-end engagement and self carriage, but they are strenuous and you mustn’t over do them, and always make sure to do a good stretch-out during your cool down.

All of this should make everything you ask of your horse easier as he will be working correctly – from behind, and off the leg.

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