Looking at the whole horse

Tuesday’s Tip!

This one from Richard Maxwell. His skill at looking at the whole horse is excellent and this particular video shows how tightness in front can lead to tightness elsewhere is very good to watch.

Video Courtesy of Richard Maxwell

This looking at the whole horse approach is something I believe strongly in and have found that you can often help horses by discovering why they are doing something. The biggest ‘whys’ I deal with when training are “lazy horses” and horses that rush at jumps (oh and the odd barging on the ground!). All of these are things that can be masked by more pressure, more powerful bits, or gadgets. The way I look at it is different, and I may take horse and rider back a few steps to help source the problem and fix it. A much better solution as it is longterm, and allows for the tension to be removed instead of masked. Like in this video – fixing the source is much better than treating and masking the symptoms.

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