Lower Leg Forward

Tuesday’s Tip

Working on a few positional problems. Up first:

Forwards lower leg

This is generally caused by tight inner thigh and/or hips. These are too tense and so pull your leg forwards and out of alignment. This also shifts your seat bones so they are not sat evenly on the saddle and can cause your trunk to lean slightly backwards. Ground and mounted stretches will help reseat your seat bones and put your leg in the right place. One good exercise that works both mounted and unmounted is – one leg at a time bring your knee up in front of you as much as is possible/comfortable, hold for a second, then open leg out sideways and slowly push/relax your leg out straight and down as slowly as possible until your leg is against the side of your horse or is back on the ground. Repeat with other leg. Do this a couple of times when unmounted (waiting for your microwave, in a queue, in the morning) and as frequently as you feel necessary during your session. This opens up your hip and stretches out your leg so that it will sit correctly and allow you to be in a lovely neutral position. Having your leg in the right place will improve your balance and stop you from getting behind the movement.

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