Lunging with a tail bandage

Tuesday’s Tip!

Lunging with a tail bandage to increase hind end engagement

Handy video for you this week. Apologies for the dodgy lighting and my voice – hard to lunge and record at the same time! I also had to video it on my phone as my camera had a dead battery  – woops! so the quality is a bit poor as well.

The tail bandage is attached low to the roller in this session which gives less of a result than attaching higher up, but I couldn’t find my breastplate and I know the lower setting doesn’t make the roller move. Ollie’s lunging is a work in progress as when he came he just thought he had to go very fast in a circle, so I’ve been working on getting him slower and more responsive to transition requests.

The tail bandage is a cheap way of using this technique, and I use it to introduce the sensation of something around their quarters before moving on to a thera-band which has more resistance. It’s a handy thing to add into your lunging. It is also very good to use over poles (which will be in another video!) and is really good for working through lots of transitions (which Ollie is still working on!)

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