Obstacle brilliance

Well what a fantastic day! Early start and one of the mares was a nightmare yesterday but we managed to get to Windsor for our driving trial. Good dressage (felt awful but got good marks, often the way) and clear in the cones with a few time penalties and an absolutely wonderful marathon with obstacles. Obstacle 2 went like a dream and we managed a full 180 turn after gate B – lots of jumping the carriage around so we got all the way through the gate! Driver attacked all 4 obstacles with gusto (I was slightly terrified on the back!) and the ponies were in high spirits and we were lucky to get in over the minimum time as they were having so much fun.

All very very hot and sunny but we finished first in the dressage, second in the cones and first in the marathon, finishing our section (open pony pairs) as the winners! Brilliant day, brilliant ponies, and brilliantly driven (with some decent back stepping by me 😉 )

I also had a speedy change over to backstep for another driver on the marathon so busy busy day, but well worth it.

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