Raised Poles Part 3

Tuesday’s Tip!

Raised Poles Part 3

Polework and lunging

Using poles in your lunging can be really beneficial. You get to see how your horse moves over poles on the ground and you can work out where they need some help and more training. You can place the poles on a circle or a straight line and work over them. You can extend the poles out to help your horse push from behind and even work them over raised cavaletti.
Without a rider on the lunge you can see how your horse works their body over poles and cavaletti and this will help them to improve their technique without having a rider’s balance influencing their movements. You can also see if your horse is working themselves properly over the poles.
You can also use poles when long reining, and work through pole mazes and over randomly placed poles to help the horse work out where its feet are and improve control. Mazes help hind end and abdominal engagement which improves the horse and their way of going.

Remember that polework is hard and lunging is hard, so don’t overdo it! Please like, share, and comment 🙂

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