Riding Position Awareness (Part 2)

Tuesday’s Tip!

Position – Part 2.

As mentioned in last week’s Tuesday’s Tip!, a neutral position is really important for both you and your horse. By keeping a neutral position, you do not block or hinder any movements your horse makes or movements that you ask of your horse.

For example, in the trot you want to aim to keep your lower leg and shoulders still and only move your thigh, hip/pelvis, and lower back as you rise. Your shoulders shouldn’t tilt forward and your lower leg shouldn’t swing forward or backward as you rise and sit. This movement, when done correctly, helps your horse keep his trot and helps you balance yourself correctly and use all the right muscles.

The same applies during transitions, especially to canter. Don’t tip forward when you ask, as you will be shifting all of your weight onto your horse’s shoulder, which will inhibit his ability to strike off into canter. Keep your shoulders back, your upper body soft, and your legs still as you ask, and your horse will find it easier to canter.

If you still struggle with any of these things, then a positional lesson will really help you to focus and improve.

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