Seat series part 5 – Feeling the walk

Tuesday’s Tip!

Sorry it’s a day late – I had it scheduled for the wrong Tuesday as I knew I would be too busy to post yesterday! Here it is.

Seat series part 5 – Feeling the walk

The walk can be a very helpful gait to assess quite a few things abotu you and your horse. First off try to feel all four beats of the walk through your seat – it may help to close your eyes. Focus on the hindquarters and when they fall and push off. Count the beats out loud – are they even? Can you feel the hindquarters pushing evenley underneath you? Work on your circles and corners and focus on the way the walk feels in these exercises.
In halt, as you are sat in your saddle try and feel your seat bones. Make sure there is even pressure in both of them. Re-seat them if one is heavier than the other. Feel them as you walk and notice when they move and how the motion of the walk feels through your seat. Your seat bones are such a helpful and important aid, it is important to be able to isolate them and be aware of what they are doing. Check on them multiple times through your session – do they feel the same or has one gotten lighter or heavier? Seat bone imbalance can also indicate tight hips or a tilted/dropped shoulder or upper body.

Let me know about your seat bones after you have tried focussing on them! And how hard do you find couting the beats of the walk with your eyes closed? Can you identify each footfall and call them out correctly?

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