Tuesday’s Tip


Whilst the snow looks lovely and all our yards and fields look fresh and clean, do remember that the snow also brings its own troubles. Check your horses’ water regularly for ice and if there is any take the ice out of the troughs so that it takes longer to reform. Make sure your horses have access to forage (hay or haylage if the grass is heavily covered!) and try and shovel or grit your yard and walkways.

Horses with shoes may also get impacted ice on their feet (due to the vacuum created by the shoe) which can make it hard to exercise them without a snow free school or greasing up the sole of the foot! Just be aware that if your horse starts to lose their footing it may be because of a big ice ball on their foot.

As it is so cold, make sure your warm up and down is longer than usual too so that you reduce the chance of muscle injury.

Feel free to like, share, and comment, so I know what little problems you all have so that I can feature them in a future Tuesday’s Tip!

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