Stirrup Leathers

Sorry for the hiatus – boring non horse related work has gotten in the way (still in the way but I fancied a break!) so this week we have a

Tuesday’s Tip!

Stirrup leathers.

Everyone has them and it is really important to look after them. Check the stitching regularly – good time to check is when you are cleaning tack. Some people sit wonky or put more weight in one leg than another so be sure to swap your leathers around regularly to prevent uneven stretching of the leather. Another thing to check is that your stirrups are even to begin with and have holes punched at the same place in both sets of leather. An even set of leathers can do wonders for your riding. You may not even notice if you are half a hole out, but it will be throwing your balance and weight off. A good set of leathers will last you years if you look after them! And they will look after you  🙂

So take care of your leathers and have them fixed or replace them if the stitching is gone, or if one has stretched beyond saving.

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