Taking Time

Tuesday’s Tip!
Taking time.
When schooling or doing groundwork with your horse, take time to let them relax, whether that be at the start of the session or part way through. Giving them a few minutes to relax will increase their focus and will be less frustrating in the long run! If you are working on difficult things, don’t forget to give them time to recover, especially if they are finding it harder than usual. A short break mid way through will help relax muscles being worked hard and brains thinking hard. It will also give you, the rider, a chance to relax and assess how your body may have been holding tension. Starting again after your relaxing break will give you better results. It will also stop muscle pain from being an inhibiting factor in your training. You are not only relaxing your horse and giving them a break before or during training, but rewarding them for their good behaviour and their attempts to get it right.

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