Transitions – the solutions

Tuesday’s Tip!

Transitions – the solutions

This two parter will deal with the problems and solutions for transitions. Let me know if there are any other problems you have with your transitions!

Recap – Lots of horses drop in downwards transitions and flatten in both upwards and downwards transitions. Riders collapse or get left behind and the rhythm is lost between paces. This can all be sorted out, and know that we know why this happens, here are some tips on how to improve.

Dropping in downwards transitions – the horse drops onto their forehand in transitions. Riders need to properly and correctly prep for the transition. They need to use half halts if required and need to keep their leg on throughout the transition. Yes! Even in the downwards ones. Riders need to wait until they feel the horse is ready to transition – don’t rush it.

Flattening in transitions – the horse collapses and works flat. As with dropping, riders need to prep the transitions and keep the leg on throughout. Again waiting until they feel the horse is engaged and listening so that the horse doesn’t have the chance to flatten. The rider must also keep their contact and ride into their transitions and ensure the horse keeps moving actively after the transition.

Riders collapsing – rider problem! Keep the core engaged, don’t allow yourself to slump during the transition and be sure to keep breathing throughout. If the transition hasn’t gone very well, don’t give up, just keep yourself together and try again. If riders stay with the horse and keep engaged then it is less likely that riders will get left behind as they will not leave the the neutral position.

Let me know how these tips work out for you!

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