Tuesday Update – Field maintenance

In place of Tuesday’s Tip – we have a Tuesday Update instead!
After a very wet start to the year everyone had trouble getting their field maintenance done. Then last week in that super hot weather all of the wet fields turned into very very dry ones which meant that harrowing for lots of people had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Luckily, I had booked in for today, so the rain overnight coupled with the hot weather meant that the field was in pretty good shape for harrowing to commence.

The lovely Matt from ACC Contracting managed to harrow and seed our entire winter paddock before the rain really set in. Too wet to roll it, but the important bits have been done and rolling can happen later.

Excellent job from ACC Contracting, and I look forward to seeing the new seed sprouting soon!

Freshly harrowed winter field Matt from ACC Contracting

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